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Inquiry Charter School


Inquiry’s instructional model is based in the belief that children learn best when their curiosity is piqued. Cross-curricular themes, weekly trips to Fairmount Park, and student choice are the foundation for instruction and learning.

Our teachers are trained by the Children’s Literacy Initiative in how to implement many different literacy based methods of instruction. We use Fishtank Learning to support literacy growth. Our teachers also differentiate instruction through small reading groups, and we have reading specialists available for children that need additional reading support.

Inquiry Charter School values quality literature and uses books to not only develop a love of literature in our students, but also to teach comprehension skills and new content. Each month, our children focus on an award winning children’s author. They learn about this author’s style and gain a better understanding of how literature is created. Each classroom has individual classroom libraries and student tablets to access quality and leveled books throughout the day. Students also receive Lending Library books each week as part of their homework. You can find our monthly curricular themes and author studies here.

At Inquiry, our students learn math using the Eureka Math model. This approach teaches children to solve math problems by first using hands-on concrete models, then moves to pictorial representations and, finally, abstract methods.

We encourage our students to use the inquiry method when studying science. Our students have weekly hands-on explorations, where they are helping to lead instruction with their questions and their discoveries. Their science learning extends to each class’ weekly trip to the Concourse Lake in Fairmount Park, where kids explore the plants, wildlife, and seasonal changes.

To support academic instruction, Inquiry uses the research based Responsive Classroom approach which focuses on the strong link between academic success and social-emotional learning in a joyful community.

Parent Testimonial

“Inquiry not only exceeded our expectations for our girls’ education, but also allowed our girls to break out of their shells, allowing their personalities to blossom.”