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Our Schools


Inquiry Charter School

Pre-K – Grade 5

Focused on developing creative, curious, life-long learners, Inquiry provides students with many on- and off-campus exploratory experiences.



Belmont Academy Charter School


Early learners are prepared for elementary school success in a nurturing and family-like environment. Many students transition into Belmont Charter School for 1st grade.


Belmont Charter Elementary School

Grades 1 — 5

A joyful learning environment where students feel they belong, have agency, and grow academically every day. Students continue their learning journey of developing their academic skills and their relationships with students and staff.


Belmont Charter Middle School

Grades 6 — 8

Our student motto is “I am greatness in the making,” and by challenging ourselves and celebrating each other’s successes, we strive to create an environment where every student shines.


Belmont Charter High School

GRADES 9 — 12

Graduates young adults with the knowledge and skills to succeed wherever their talents, determination, and heart take them.