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Student & Family Support

Prevention and Family Support Services promotes access and equity for all students and is designed to facilitate each student’s academic, personal, social/emotional wellbeing and family empowerment. We support a safe student learning environment while addressing the needs of all students through prevention and intervention programs.

Prevention and Family Support Services Provides

  • Classroom Guidance lessons
  • Individual student sessions
  • Small-group student sessions 
  • Family sessions
  • Referrals for community services
  • Consultation and collaboration; teachers/families, support teams, outside agencies
  • Crisis Intervention (behavioral health, Homelessness, Grief, and Loss, etc)

All counseling and group sessions in a school setting are short-term in nature, and focus on solutions to help students succeed socially, emotionally and academically. School counseling activities help students gain confidence in their ability to interact with others, learn how to solve problems, manage and work through feelings, develop coping and calming skills, recognize their strengths, and much more!

Contact Information


Margarita Davis-Boyer, Managing Director of Prevention and Family Supports

(267) 990-8284

Jeanne DiLeonardo, Director of School and Family Connections


Belmont Academy Charter School (BACS)

Molly DiStefano, Family Support Specialist

Lakeisha Berry, Assistant Director: Lower Schools (ICS/ BCES)


Inquiry Charter School (ICS)

Ashley Fernandez, Family Support Specialist

Asia Bey, Student Success Coordinator

Belmont Charter Elementary School

Shahidah Lowe, Family Support Specialist (Tiger)


Upper Schools (BCMS/BCHS)

Tamika Dover, Assistant Director


Belmont Charter Middle School (BCMS)

Shantah Providence-Bey, Family Support Specialist

Lydia Smalls, Student Success Coordinator


Belmont Charter High School (BCHS)

Marsha Carey, Family Support Specialist

Michael Olenik, Student Success Coordinator