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Student & Family Support


The McKinney–Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act guarantees a free and appropriate public education for all children and youth experiencing homelessness. B.E.C. 42 U.S.C. 11431 outlines procedures for deciding school placement, enrolling students, and determining responsibility. Federal and state laws make our responsibility clear. With the huge number of children experiencing homelessness  currently attending Philadelphia public schools, we must provide proper educational support and services.

What is the definition of a “homeless youth” under McKinney-Vento?

“Homeless” is defined as “anyone lacking a fixed, adequate, regular nighttime residence.”

What situations fit this definition?

Staying in the home of other people due to unavailable housing, financial hardship, or similar circumstances
Living in motels, hotels, trailer parks (in some instances – examples: leaking roof, no heat, etc.), public places, or campgrounds due to unavailable suitable housing options
Living in an emergency shelter or transitional housing
Unaccompanied (not living in direct care of legal parent or guardian) or runaway youth
Refugee and migrant youth

How does McKinney-Vento help these students?

The law makes sure that these students receive a free and suitable public education by removing barriers to school enrollment and full, basic, daily participation in school activities. This includes:

  • Immediate enrollment
  • Free and Reduced School Lunch
  • Help from school with any necessary enrollment documents
  • Help from school setting up transportation service (if the student qualifies)
  • Help from school with getting basic uniform clothing
  • Help from school with basic school supplies
  • Help from school with any basic clothing needs
  • Help from school with basic high school graduation needs and expenses,

Where can I find more information for Pennsylvania?

You can visit the PA Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness site

*For BACS, BCES, BCMS and BCHS you can contact our homeless liaison, Margarita Davis-Boyer at 267-990-8284 or

*For ICS you can contact our homeless liaison, Ashley Fernandez at 267-844-2597 or


McKinney Vento Student/Family Identification Survey

Please complete this survey if you are experiencing housing insecurities or homelessness.
It is important to note that the definition of homelessness is; an individual who lacks a FIXED, REGULAR, and ADEQUATE NIGHTTIME RESIDENCE.