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Margarita Davis-Boyer

Margarita oversees the social services component of Belmont Charter Network schools. She is a strong advocate with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the City of Philadelphia’s family and social service systems. Her perspective provides an in-depth approach to social work and youth development. Moreover, her story is a testament to what is possible when you are unwavering in your faith and committed to adhering to purpose. Margarita obtained her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts (Criminal justice) and master’s degree in social work from Temple University. Outside of her traditional education pursuits. Margarita served as the Founding Youth Development Specialist and Counselor for Temple University’s Center for Special Policy and Community Development (CSPCD), Founding Lower School Social Worker at Stephen Girard College, Youth Development Specialist for the Department of Human Services Philadelphia, PA and Founding Resilience Specialist for Vaux Big Picture High School.

Before her work at BCN, she served as a member of the Child Welfare Resource Board (Philadelphia County/DHS); Member of the Child Welfare Advisory Board (Philadelphia County/DHS); and is a current member of the City of Philadelphia’s Child Welfare Oversight Board, which allows her to continue her mission to advocate for the social and emotional wellness of youth.

Margarita says, “Social work is a mission for me and not just a profession. My life’s work is to do whatever it takes to make the life of a child a little easier to bear.”