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Teacher Spotlight August 1, 2022

Spotlight on Eric Kibler

After completing 20 years in the US Army, Mr. Kibler decided to use his knowledge and experience to teach. Seven years later and he still says it is one of the best decisions he has ever made.

When did you join Belmont Charter Network?

August 2020

Where did you go to school? What was your major/degree?

Received a Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education from Fayetteville State University in NC.

How did you know that education was the right field for you?

On my first day of student teaching, I realized that the classroom was where I was supposed to be. There is nothing better than 30 smiling faces looking to be educated!

What drew you to Belmont’s mission?

When I was recruited to Belmont, I researched the school and saw everything they were doing for the students and the community. They put the students first and want to educate not only on the curriculum but also on how to be good citizens. I also loved the way the school is there for the community they serve by providing meals, healthcare, childcare and a host of other services that typically aren’t provided by a school.

What makes your school a special place/what do you like best about teaching here?

The leadership at BCMS is second to none. The admin team supports the staff, holds them to a high standard and puts education at the forefront of meetings, professional development and instruction.

What’s your favorite school memory at Belmont Charter Network?

Open House stands out in my mind. Everyone I met was open, friendly and inviting. That spoke volumes to the type of organization Belmont is.

How do you create joy in the classroom?

In my experience, students learn more when they are in a safe environment with a teacher that cares about them and their education. Each day, I attempt to make my learning environment engaging and inviting. I listen to my students and attempt to include relatable information so that they have a more vested interest in their education. The more they see themselves and their community represented, the more they will enjoy what is being taught.

What is the greatest challenge you face as a teacher and how do you overcome it?

Keeping a room full of students engaged in learning, pushing their minds to the learning limit and ensuring each student is growing is a constant and daily struggle. But, with each challenge comes an opportunity for greatness. Using strategies gleaned from my life experiences, following the guidelines of my instructional coach and listening to my students feedback has given me the tools to ensure the challenges I may face can be overcome.

What is one piece of advice you would give to Belmont students?

Stay curious. Ask questions about everything and always pursue learning!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Philadelphia?

My favorite thing to do in Philadelphia is drive the streets of my childhood neighborhood. I left Philadelphia over 30 years ago and traveled the world while in the Army. Living and working in the same neighborhood I grew up in has been incredible and with every random errand, comes a nostalgic joy that can’t be explained.

When you were your students’ age, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Growing up, I was always into science and wanted to be an astronaut or something else in the science field. Becoming a teacher was not in the plan but it is the best job I have ever had.