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Theresa Doggett

Theresa is a seasoned education leader in Philadelphia. She joined Teach for America (TFA) after graduating from Alma College in Michigan because she wanted to XXX. She was placed in Philadelphia where she taught at XXX and McMichael elementary school. After her classroom experience, Theresa realized she has a passion for supporting good work for students and families through the world of operations.

Serving as both the Director of Talent and Director of Operations at KIPP Schools in Philadelphia, she refined her passion for ensuring that students and families have the tools they need to thrive in schools through clear schedules, communication and more!
Theresa joined Belmont Charter Network during the pandemic, and led crucial efforts in delivering health protocols to all five schools. She now serves as the Chief Operating Officer and hopes XXX.

Theresa values work life balance and enjoys running or playing with her three girls. She also….XXX