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Belmont Charter High School


Belmont Charter High School offers a positive, inclusive, and supportive school environment that encourages all students to strive for excellence each and every day. But success means something different to each student. The BCHS model offers students two pathways to success—a college pathway and a career pathway—and students are given the opportunity to design their own path on their journey through high school.

Our course of study provides students with opportunity to focus on foundational skills in their Freshman year as well as narrowing down their interests and strengths based on career and self-awareness assessments.  As upperclassman, students will have the opportunity to take Honors and Advanced Placement classes as well as partner with local colleges and universities for extended learning opportunities.  Students who are interested in careers right after high school will have the opportunity to participate in work study and internship placements gathering the skills they need to make the transition into the workforce or technical schools.

Our caring teachers model our core values: Growth, Respect, and Responsibility. We also believe that a school is accountable for the socio-emotional development of its students. Each student’s well-being and physical needs are important to us, and we support students in creating a strong, welcoming school culture that reflects their own community and home values. We strive to create a culture where students feel a sense of unity with their peers and teachers; have faith in the power of education; realize their own potential; and take ownership for their impact on the school environment and the community.

One to One: Blended Classrooms

All Belmont Charter High School students receive a chromebook for use at school and home.

Parent Testimonial

“The staff at Belmont are trained to educate our children with the necessary tools they need to succeed in life. Belmont gives our children pride, self-respect and self-worth! Belmont allows our children to express their talents and encourage them to be wise and courageous!””