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Belmont Charter High School


A Supportive School Culture

At Belmont Charter High School we believe that in order for our scholars to be successful, as adults we must role model the social and emotional skills for our scholars to make good decisions, build fruitful and lasting relationships and work hard. Our jobs go beyond enforcing rules of order. We must prepare and ready our scholars to navigate life in a world that does not provide the support structures they find within our walls.

By focusing on restorative practices and growth mindset, scholars:

  • Foster relationships central to building community
  • Reflect, respond and resolve misbehavior and harm in a way that strengthens relationships
  • Focus, through reparation, on the harm done rather than on rule breaking
  • Engage in collaborative problem solving
  • Enhance responsibility and empower growth

Parent Testimonial

“The staff at Belmont are trained to educate our children with the necessary tools they need to succeed in life. Belmont gives our children pride, self-respect and self-worth! Belmont allows our children to express their talents and encourage them to be wise and courageous!””