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Belmont Charter High School

College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness

The Career Readiness Program is aimed at ensuring every student graduates BCHS with a career and/or college plan. Our program assists students in academic, career and college planning and provides a variety of hands-on learning experiences that create awareness and support student aspirations. Some programming we offer to help our students uncover their career goals include:

• Individualized Career Plan, ICP, is a process and multi-year plan that is developed to intentionally guide students in the exploration of career, academic and postsecondary opportunities. An ICP will allow us an opportunity to pinpoint each student’s individual needs and develop the awareness, knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for students to be career and/or college ready. ICP planning begins in 9th grade.

Career Expeditions are one-week experiential learning experiences where students are introduced to different career clusters, careers and pathways through hands-on projects involved in and related to a particular career.

Graduation Project is a mandatory 4-year project that helps scholars understand their strengths, personal interests and skills and provides a variety of hands-on learning experiences.

Electives will prepare students with the skills required to be successful in a wide range of occupations.

Advisory will have a career readiness focus week every month that will assist students in self and career discovery.

Family Connection by Naviance is a College and Career web-based program that will be used throughout a student’s high school career to help students plan for post-secondary success. Family Connection allows students to take self-knowledge and career assessments/surveys, create goals, research careers and colleges, develop individualized career plans and eventually, submit college applications, transcript request and search scholarship opportunities.

Parent Testimonial

“The staff at Belmont are trained to educate our children with the necessary tools they need to succeed in life. Belmont gives our children pride, self-respect and self-worth! Belmont allows our children to express their talents and encourage them to be wise and courageous!””