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Belmont Academy Charter School


The curriculum at Belmont Academy Charter School strives to support the development of the whole child and addresses academic and social-emotional learning.

Students are provided with daily opportunities to make choices in their learning and achieve their individual goals in large groups, small groups and independently. Children’s achievement and goals are supported by both staff and family through differentiated learning activities that cater to the learning style of each individual child. Families are informed of goals and provided with ways to help children achieve those goals during conferences, home visits, daily communication and classroom visits. Goals for students are data-driven and are continually revised to meet their current needs as well as the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards and Pennsylvania Core Standards.

Learning through self-directed as well as teacher-supported play is at the heart of the curriculum which is why the classroom environments are designed to support student play, choice and open exploration in a variety of learning centers. The centers are created so children are free to independently and creatively learn from a variety of developmentally appropriate materials. Along with learning centers, outdoor free play, intentional read-alouds, authentic writing opportunities and morning meetings are experiences available to children on a daily basis.

Parent Testimonial

“My son has gotten so much better with reading and math. For once he likes coming home and doing his homework.”