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Community Education Alliance

The Community Education Alliance of West Philadelphia is a 501c3 created to support the social and emotional development of each student within the Belmont Charter Network from pre-school through graduation.

We were founded in 2003 in direct response to needs of students within the Belmont Charter School through the DHS-funded Belmont Social Service Project.

Through all of our services and programs, Belmont Charter Network students improve academic performance, while also strengthening character, mental health, and interpersonal skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


Addressing the social-emotional growth of our students

We understand that every student has a distinct set of physical, social and emotional needs that must be addressed on an individual basis. In some family situations needs are not met because of financial difficulties or other life stress factors. Our school-based model helps children and youth address and work through social-emotional issues so they can succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

Through our programs, we provide critical social services to students and families within our family of schools. Our programs include Family Support ServicesHead Start, and Out-of-School time programs.